USCG Sector Virgina Intrusion Detection System Upgrade

Type: Synopsis Solicitation • ID: 37070PR23Q0000002


Posted: March 17, 2023, 11:59 a.m. EST

1. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: This Statement of Work (SOW) addresses the labor and
material requirements for the installation of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) upgrades at three
U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) facilities located in Portsmouth, VA. Per this SOW, the contractor
shall identify an IDS solution and integrate or replace existing equipment to meet the
specifications as outlined in this SOW.
acceptance the contractor shall commence work NLT five calendar days after notice to proceed
and work diligently to complete the entire work ready for use by 10 calendar days after contract
3.1. BACKGROUND: The USCG identified a requirement, due to existing equipment
obsolescence for a vendor to upgrade three IDS communication capabilities. The existing
systems rely on two copper-based RJ45 telephone enabled auto-dialer systems and one copper
based RJ45 direct line connection to USCG Base Portsmouth s Security Forces Office via a fire
alarm system interface. In addition, the location of two of the systems are in an unsecure area,
which will need to be relocated to an environment which would prevent tampering. Motion and
entry sensors at all three facilities exist and are operational.
3.2. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: All three facilities are located at 4000 Coast Guard Blvd,
Portsmouth, VA: CG Sector Virginia (Command Center), CG Sector Virginia Armory, and CG
STA Portsmouth.
3.2.1 The contractor shall provide all products and services to upgrade or replace three
independent IDS outfitted spaces to include: equipment, design services, calling service,
delivery, and installation.
3.2.2 The contractor where possible will reuse existing sensor equipment and provide solutions
for any incompatible sensors or interfaces.
3.2.3 The contractor shall analyze and provide a suitable equipment upgrade proposals for each
IDS to meet the following technical specifications: A sensor or sensor components located in the protected area designed to initiate an alarm
upon an attempted intrusion into a protected area. Control unit located in the protected area which acts as an interface between the sensor(s)
and the central annunciator. Signal transmission lines which transmit the alarm signals from the control unit to a
central annunciator. A central annunciator (which shall be constantly monitored) containing the electronic
components which announce, by both visible and audible signals, intrusion into protected areas
and the specific structure or location involved. Fail-safe features, such as an alarm signal, at the central annunciator when abnormal
operating conditions preclude the system from functioning properly, and a back-up power
source. Features which minimize the vulnerability to tampering or circumvention. Balanced Magnetic Switches (BMS) shall be surface mounted or recessed and shall have
a minimum of two encapsulated reed switches. The switches shall activate when any disturbance
in the balanced magnetic field occurs. Each BMS shall have an over current protective device,
rated to limit current to 80 percent on the switch capacity. The BMS shall be rated for a
minimum lifetime of one million operations. Line supervision shall be incorporated to detect any signal cutting, shorting, or splicing of
the transmission line. Attempts at gaining access to, or substitution or neutralization of any
sensor shall be detected and signaled. An alarm shall be indicated at the alarm control center
within one second of a line tamper attempt. Dedicated terminal junction boxes for sensor inputs
and connecting cables shall be securely welded or locked and provided with tamper switches.
Junction boxes containing phone lines, which carry alarm system signals do not need to be
locked, welded, or alarmed. A backup power source, capable of sustaining the system for a minimum of four hours,
shall be provided to enable uninterrupted operation. On/off switches shall be located within the protected area. The IDS shall include a central control station where alarms annunciate. In addition, an
audible alarm shall be located outside the protected area. Alarm signals shall be reset only in the
protected area or the central control station. The alarm display panel shall indicate secure, access, and alarm status.
3.2.4 In addition, the contractor shall address the following site-specific requirements: Sector Virginia Command Center: Multi-mode compatible fiber-based digital telephone
interface to Base Portsmouth s existing Private Exchange Branch (PBX). Sector Virginia Armory and Station Portsmouth: Cellular-based communications solution
with autodialing functionality.

4. SECURITY, ACCESS & COMPLIANCE REQUIRMENTS: A secret security clearance is required for this statement of work. All contractors must be United States citizens. Contractors will follow Base Portsmouth visitor control policy, which will discussed upon site visit and contract award. Working hours are from 0700-1530. The government will provide access to the facility for the contractor as required in the performance of the tasks identified in this SOW to include restroom use, site and building electrical power as currently available and security response.

EVALUATOR (QAE) REPRESENTATIVE: The designated contracting officer s QAE
representative and Point of Contact for this project is BMC Jason Krawczyk @ (757) 295-2010
or and LT Heather Davis @ (757) 483-8566 or Inquiries concerning any phase of the specification before or after
award shall be made to BMC Jason Krawczyk @ (757) 295-2010 or
6. CONDITIONS AFFECTING THE WORK: The Offeror should visit the site and take such
other steps as may be reasonably necessary to ascertain the nature and location of the work, the
general and local conditions which can affect the cost of the work thereof. Failure to do so will
not relieve bidders from responsibility for estimating properly the difficulty or cost of
successfully performing the work. The government will assume no responsibility for any
understanding or misrepresentations concerning conditions made by any of its officers or agents
prior to the execution of the contract, unless included in the request for quotes, the specification,
or related documents.
7. AFTER AWARD OF THE CONTRACT: The contractor must immediately notify the
contracting officer s QAE representative of his intended start date. The work shall be done in
accordance with the specification.
8. ORAL MODIFICATION: No oral statement of any person other than the contracting
officer shall in any manner or degree, modify or otherwise affect the terms of this contract.
9. WORKMANSHIP: All work shall be accomplished with the best standard practices, and by
workmen thoroughly experienced in the required trades. The work shall be supervised by
experienced personnel and shall be satisfactory to the Contracting Officer.
10. PERMITS: The contractor shall without additional expense to the government, obtain all
appointments, licenses, and permits required for the prosecution of the work. The contractor
shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws.
11. CLEAN UP: All trash and debris shall be removed from the site daily. The job site shall be
left in a clean and neat manner.
12. WORK OUTSIDE REGULAR HOURS: If the contractor desires to carry on work on
Saturday, Sunday, holidays or outside the station s regular hours, he may submit his request in

writing to the Contracting Officer s QAE Representative for approval consideration. The
contractor shall allow ample time to enable satisfactory arrangements to be made by the
government for inspecting the work in progress.
13. UPON COMPLETION OF WORK: Contact the Contracting Officer QAE Representative
to arrange for inspection/acceptance of work.
contractor shall provide a detailed list of all employees to the QAE Representative five (5) days
prior to commencing work. The employee list shall contain the employee s full name, date and
place of birth, current address and last four (4) of SSN. The Base Portsmouth Security Officer
will be given a copy of the employee list and a pass will be issued for entry. Each contractor
provided vehicle or towed trailer shall show the contractor s name so that it is clearly visible on
the vehicle. A valid state license plate and safety inspection sticker is required. All vehicles
operated on government property shall be maintained in a good state of repair.
1. Responsibilities:
a. All contractors working on CG Base Portsmouth shall abide by all federal safety
regulations as published by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, 29
CFR 1910 (series), 29 CFR 1925 (series) and 29 CFR 1926 (series). Contractor
written safety programs shall be reviewed by the Base Safety Officer prior to starting
b. Written notification must be provided to the Base Safety Officer, Noah Reinhart
(757) 638-2793 or C (757) 641-7854 in their capacity as Base Fire Marshal of any
activity that could potentially cause fire or explosion or that changes or reduces the
capability of fighting a fire or explosion. Some examples of qualifying activities are:
a fire hydrant or fire suppression system that must be taken out of service for any
reason, electrical work that affects fire alarm systems, introduction of hazardous or
flammable material onto the Base, and blocking of any egress routes or emergency
vehicle routes. Inclusion of this information in the contract constitutes written
notification as long as the outsource review sheet is signed by Base Safety Officer.
c. Copies of the following must be provided to the Base Safety Officer prior to starting
work in affected areas: Confined Space Entry Permits, Hot Work Chits, and Dig
Chits. Confined space clearance must be conducted by a certified marine chemist and
permit required spaces will have a copy of the permit posted on site during work. Hot
work will only be conducted with permission and a fire watch must be posted during
work. A facility dig chit is required in addition to a Miss Utility dig chit. The
systems on Base Portsmouth are not limited to what the City of Portsmouth has on
file. In order to ensure electrical safety and integrity of systems, a facility chit is
d. Lock Out/Tag Out requires notification and coordination with facilities and will not

be conducted by a contractor on Base Portsmouth. A Facilities Division
representative is required for all contractor Lock Out/Tag Out needs.
2. Rights:
a. Every employee working on Base Portsmouth has the right to a safe and healthy work
place. The contractor has the responsibility and right to stop unsafe work. QAE s and the
Safety Officer may also institute a work stoppage relating to unsafe practices or
immediate danger to life and health situations.
a. All contractors working on CG Base Portsmouth shall abide by all federal
environmental regulations as published by the Environmental Protection Agency, 40
CFR (series). Contractor written environmental management and pollution
prevention programs shall be reviewed by the Environmental Protection Specialist,
Jonathan Cooper (757) 483-8593 or C (757) 373-2558 prior to starting work and
must be in accordance with ICSPORTSVA INSTM5090.2, the Unit Environmental
b. Written notification must be provided to the Environmental Protection Specialist of
any activity that could potentially cause a permit violation on Base Portsmouth.
Some examples of qualifying activities are: any activity that could result in a spill or
discharge into a waterway or introducing a hazardous material into the environment.
c. Copies of the following must be provided to the Environmental Protection Specialist
prior to starting work in affected areas: Material Safety Data Sheets, permits, and
notices of intent.
d. Hazardous materials used by a contractor are required to be disposed of by that
contractor. Disposal must be in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines.

Posted: March 16, 2023, 9:53 a.m. EST


Response Deadline
March 29, 2023, 2:59 p.m. EST Past Due
March 16, 2023, 9:53 a.m. EST (updated: March 17, 2023, 11:59 a.m. EST)
Set Aside
Place of Performance
Portsmouth, VA 23703 United States

Likely Fixed Price
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Signs of Shaping
80% of similar contracts within the Coast Guard had a set-aside.
On 3/16/23 Coast Guard issued Synopsis Solicitation 37070PR23Q0000002 for USCG Sector Virgina Intrusion Detection System Upgrade due 3/29/23. The opportunity was issued full & open with NAICS 561612 and PSC DJ01.
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