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MCC is recruiting an Environmental and Social Performance (ESP) oversight and technical assistance advisor (Advisor) to advise the MCC Senegal II and Regional Senegal country teams, and potentially other MCC country teams, on a range of environmental and social issues. The Consultant will primarily be working with the Senegal and Regional Senegal MCC Contract Officer s Representative (COR)/Project Managers (PM) and Resident Country Missions (RCM), with the support of technical leads including infrastructure, economic, Monitoring and Evaluation , gender, and other relevant specialists.

Advisory Services Required

The purpose of this consultancy is to advise MCC Environmental and Social Performance (ESP) staff and other members of the country teams on key environmental and social risks, management, mitigation, and planning. This work is primarily foreseen to take place in conjunction with the Senegal 2 and Regional Senegal Compacts but could potentially be carried out in other MCC countries as well. The advisor shall provide a range of technical advisory services related to environmental planning and management such as Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Strategic Environmental Assessments and Environmental and Social Management Systems, Stakeholder Engagement Plans and the use of tools for due diligence and oversight. The advisor shall be required to draw from and apply international best practice and knowledge of MCC policy and procedures, including compliance with IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards to the various phases of the MCC Compact life cycle. The Advisor shall provide services to MCC on an as needed basis.


The advisor s assignments may include the following:

        • Provision of technical assistance to MCC in the areas defined by the IFC Performance Standards including environmental, social, health, and safety risks;
        • Assisting MCC in reviewing and providing inputs into terms of reference and deliverables for Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS), Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs); other environmental analyses; Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs), Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) in accordance with MCC Environmental Guidelines, IFC performance Standards and international best practices;
        • In collaboration with MCC and the MCA-Senegal ESP team and Senegal Regional Formulation Unit and eventual MCA-Senegal ESP teams, assessing the adequacy of strategic and activity planning, human resources, budgeting and current workload and resource requirements related to implementation and resettlement planning and management activities;
        • Coordination with consultants engaged for preparation, implementation, and monitoring of RAPs to ensure consistency in approaches and quality of documentation, and make recommendations to MCC ESP on follow-up actions as required;
        • Participation in meetings, field visits, and general mission activities; prepare concise mission documentation reporting recommendation, key issues and findings;
        • Identification of opportunities to enhance project designs so they are more environmentally and socially sustainable including developing investment strategies, sectoral roadmaps, policy interventions and proposed activities;
        • Assessing the consistency and effectiveness of local environmental laws and regulations as compared to MCC Environmental Guidance and international best practices;
        • Analyzing the completeness and quality of existing ESP-related analysis against MCC Environmental Guidelines, IFC performance standards and international best practices, and requirements imposed by the national environmental regulators identify potential alternatives and viable mitigation measures;
        • Assessing implementation strategies to include project timeliness and phasing, capacity, policies, and effectiveness;
        • Assisting in the review of draft tender documents, contracts, and modifications for consistency with MCC Environmental Guidelines, IFC Performance Standards, and international best practices;
        • Following up, as needed, on issues raised during previous missions and identifying next steps, reviews and preparing Action Matrices as required;
  • Assessing the extent and quality of consultation with environmental and social stakeholders;
  • Undertaking any other tasks that may be assigned by the MCC-ESP Lead.


The Advisor will provide services to MCC on an as needed basis. To support MCC in the flexible and timely manner needed to meet the evolving needs of Compact development and implementation, technical directives under this statement of work will be issued and the Advisor deployed each time the Advisor s services are needed over the course of this contract. No additional tasks shall imply any additional costs to the Government beyond the amount allowed for in the initial call order; however, this call order may be amended to reflect additional costs associated with implementation planning and oversight requirements in additional countries. In terms of written deliverables, the following are required:

Deliverable 1: Trip reports, ad hoc reports or information as may be requested by the COR/PM.

Deliverable 2: Final report, including comments by MCC, due as per agreement.


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March 23, 2023, 11:00 a.m. EST Due in 0 Days
March 19, 2023, 9:19 a.m. EST
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The solicitation is open for 4 days, below average for the Millennium Challenge Corporation and it was released over a weekend.
On 3/19/23 Millennium Challenge Corporation issued Presolicitation DCO-PR-23-0097 for Senegal Technical Services due 3/23/23. The opportunity was issued full & open with NAICS 541 and PSC R410.
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