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Page 4 of 6 STATEMENT OF Requirement PRICE/COST SCHEDULE 1. GENERAL: Contractor shall furnish Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) supplies for medical center use and direct delivery to beneficiaries of the VA Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri. The contractor is responsible for delivering all supplies under this contract directly to the medical center or beneficiary's home, as requested. 2. MEDICAL CENTER USE: An authorized Representative will place all orders for delivery to the VA Medical Center, 4801 E. Linwood Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64128, by issuance of a purchase order. 3. DIRECT DELIVERIES: Home Peritoneal Dialysis Service will contact the contractor by telephone and give a yearly obligation number for direct delivery beneficiaries. The contractor shall use the appropriate assigned obligation number for the year on all correspondence and invoices. When a VA beneficiary is accepted into the program to receive direct delivery of PD supplies, a prescription is forwarded to the contractor with product name and quantities. It shall be the contractor's responsibility to coordinate with Home Peritoneal Dialysis Service (816-922-2477) the patient's authorized prescribed inventory levels and establish delivery schedules. The contractor shall contact the patient monthly (or as needed) to verify patient's requirements and set up delivery order. In the event a patient needs additional supplies after the monthly order is placed, the patient may contact the contractor via telephone and the contractor may use the mailing system to get supplies to the patient. The contractor is responsible for adhering to all mailing requirements in this matter. Vendor will supply and support any required software needed to access downloadable patient information. This software will be loaded on a VA owned, non-networked device. Vendor will allow VA providers access through a web based portal to provide electronic signatures for patient orders and requests. Vendor will not limit the number of patients that can be started on treatment per month. Vendor will provide a one point of contact model to support the patient and the Nephrology Clinic in the accessing and delivery of all manufacturers peritoneal dialysis (PD) systems currently in the marketplace, including all ancillary items and specialty products outside manufacturer s scope as prescribed by the patient s clinical team. This one point of access supports the Nephrology Clinic in maintaining readiness, flexibility and patient-centric care focused on clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. 4. PACKING AND MARKING: All containers are to be marked with the expiration date. All products must provide not less than an eighteen (18) month expiration date. Cases are to be clearly marked, specifying content and handling methods. 5. PATIENT PRIVACY / SECURITY: a. The Kansas City VA Medical Center at the time the patient is enrolled in the Home Dialysis program will secure a Release of Information from the patient to allow for information to be released to the contract vendor company b. The contractor shall immediately notify the COTR and simultaneously, the designated ISO and Privacy Officer for the contract of any known or suspected security/privacy incidents, or any unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, including that contained in system(s) to which the contractor has access. c. To the extent known by the contractor, the contractor notice to VA shall identify the information involved, the circumstances surrounding the incident (including to whom, how, when, what and where the VA information or assets were placed at risk or compromised), and any other information that the contractor considers relevant. d. With respect to unsecured protected health information, the contractor is deemed to have discovered a data breach when the contractor knew or should have known of a breach of such information. Upon discovery, the contractor must notify the covered entity of the breach. e. In instances of theft or break-in or other criminal activity, the contractor must concurrently report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement entity (or entities) of jurisdiction, including the VA OIG and Security and Law Enforcement. The contractor and their employees shall cooperate with VA and any law enforcement authority responsible for the investigation and prosecution of any possible criminal law violation(s) associated with any incident. The contractor/subcontractor shall cooperate with VA in any civil litigation to recover VA information, obtain monetary or other compensation from a third party for damages arising from any incident, or obtain injunctive relief against any third party arising from, or related to, the incident. 5. QUALIFICATIONS: Offeror shall be the manufacturer or authorized dealer for the manufacturer of the product for which a quote will be provided. 6. SHIPPING: All orders shall be shipped F.O.B. Destination, by common carrier, standard delivery within 3 to 5 days ARO (After Receipt of Order). The cost of any other designated shipping options (i.e., overnight, 2nd day, etc) by the VAMC, Kansas City, MO, payment of such shall be the responsibility of the VAMC, Kansas City, MO, contractor shall prepay and add to invoice. 7. INVOICING FOR DIRECT DELIVERIES: A separate invoice for each individual patient, with name of patient on invoice, shall be submitted at the time of shipment to: VA Financial Services Center PO Box 149971 Austin TX 78714-9971 Base Year Option Year 2 Option Year 3 Option Year 4 Option Year 5 Items shall be brand name or equal Program Center/Office: Kansas City VA Medical Center Date Prepared: 6/23/2022 IGCE POC: Zakiyyah Stover, 816-861-4700 x56456 Project Title: PD Supplies - 589-22-3-1399-0032 Product Code Product Name Pack Factor Estimated Quantity 5B9866 DIANEAL PD2 SOLUTION 1.5% DEX 2L/2L ULTRABAG 6/CS 100 5B9876 DIANEAL PD2 SOLUTION 2.5% DEX 2L/2L ULTRABAG 6/CS 100 5B9896 DIANEAL PD2 SOLUTION 4.25% DEX 2L/2L ULTRABAG 6/CS 50 5B9868P DIANEAL PD2 SOLUTION 1.5% DEX 2.5L/3L ULTRABAG 5/CS 200 5B9878P DIANEAL PD2 SOLUTION 2.5% DEX 2.5L/3L ULTRABAG 5/CS 200 5B9898P DIANEAL PD2 SOLUTION 4.25% DEX 2.5L/3L ULTRABAG. 5/CS 30 5B4984 EXTRANEAL PD SOLN (2L/3L) ULTRABAG 6/CS 30 5B4986 EXTRANEAL PD SOLN (2.5L/3L) ULTRABAG 5/CS 30 5B9768P DIANEAL LOW CA 1.5% 2.5L/3L ULTRABAG 5/CS 30 5B9778P DIANEAL LOW CA 2.5% 2.5L/3L ULTRABAG 5/CS 15 5B9798P DIANEAL LOW CA 4.25% 2.5L/3L ULTRABAG 5/CS 15 L5B4974 EXTRANEAL PD SOLN (2L/3L) 6/CS 300 L5B4976 EXTRANEAL PD SOLN (2.5L/3L) 5/CS 200 L5B5169 DIANEAL PD2 1.5% DEX 3L/3L 4/CS 200 L5B5179 DIANEAL PD2 2.5% DEX 3L/3L 4/CS 200 L5B5189 DIANEAL PD2 4.25% DEX 3L/3L 4/CS 20 L5B5193 DIANEAL PD2 1.5% DEX 5L/6L 2/CS 700 L5B5194 DIANEAL PD2 2.5% DEX 5L/6L 2/CS 700 L5B5195 DIANEAL PD2 4.25% DEX 5L/6L 2/CS 10 L5B9710 DIANEAL PD2 1.5% DEX 6L/6L 2/CS 2000 L5B9711 DIANEAL PD2 2.5% DEX 6L/6L 2/CS 2000 L5B9712 DIANEAL PD2 4.25% DEX 6L/6L 2/CS 100 L5B5163 DIANEAL PD2 1.5% DEX 1L/1L 12/CS 200 L5B5173 DIANEAL PD2 2.5% DEX 1L/1L 12/CS 200 L5B5183 DIANEAL PD2 4.25% DEX 1L/1L 12/CS 10 L5B5166 DIANEAL PD2 1.5% DEX 2L/2L 6/CS 10 L5B5177 DIANEAL PD2 2.5% DEX 2L/2L 6/CS 10 L5B5187 DIANEAL PD2 4.25% DEX 2L/2L 6/CS 10 L5B4825 DIANEAL LOW CA 1.5% 2L/2L 6/CS 10 L5B9727 DIANEAL LOW CA 2.5% 2L/2L 6/CS 10 L5B9747 DIANEAL LOW CA 4.25% 2L/2L 6/CS 10 L5B9901 DIANEAL LOW CA 1.5% 3L/3L 4/CS 10 L5B9902 DIANEAL LOW CA 2.5% 3L/3L 4/CS 10 L5B9903 DIANEAL LOW CA 4.25% 3L/3L 4/CS 10 L5B4826 DIANEAL LOW CA 1.5% 5L/5L 2/CS 10 L5B5202 DIANEAL LOW CA 2.5% 5L/5L 2/CS 10 L5B5203 DIANEAL LOW CA 4.25% 5L/5L 2/CS 10 L5B9770 DIANEAL LOW CA 1.5% 6L/6L 2/CS 600 L5B9771 DIANEAL LOW CA 2.5% 6L/6L 2/CS 10 L5B9772 DIANEAL LOW CA 4.25% 6L/6L 2/CS 10 5C4456 FLEXICAP DISCONNECT CAP 30/CS 20 L5C4366P DISCONNECT Y SET CAPD 30/CS 20 5C4145P CYCLER DRAINAGE SET 30/CS 200 5C4319 IMMOBILIE 30/CS 200 5C4406 CYCLER CARRY CASE PERSONAL EACH 20 5C4464P 12 FOOT DRAIN EXTENSION SET 30/CS 500 5C4466P MINI-CAP, DISCONNECT W/PVP-1 S SOLUTION 60/CS 400 5C4480C 12 FOOT PATIENT EXTENSION SET EASY LOCK CONNECTOR 30/CS 500 5C4512 APD DRAIN MANIFOLD 30/CS 60 5C4527 CLAMP SHORT NOSE FOR OUTLET PORT 12/CS 50 5C4957 ULTRA CLAMP 12/CS 150 5C8310L HOMECHOICE PRO CYCLER RENTAL EACH 70 5C9320L AMIA CYCLER LEASE EACH 200 CONNECTIVITY AMIA SHARESOURCE CONNECTIVITY EACH 200 5Z0090 PERSONAL CYCLER FREIGHT EACH 0 578903 THERMOMETER DIGITAL EACH 10 777882 SCALE DIGITAL 1.5" LCD EACH 5 OHA80000018 SPRING SCALE 5000GM X 100GM EACH 5 942566 HEATING PAD-KING SIZE, 3 HEAT SETTINGS DIMS=24"X13" EACH 20 MDS80441 IV POLE DBL HOOK FREE STANDING 47"-84" EACH 5 MDS1725146 BP MONITOR AUTO DIGITAL - LARGE ADULT EACH 5 MDS1725145 BP MONITOR AUTO DIGITAL - ADULT EACH 5 L5C4531 INTEGRATED APD SET W/CASSETTE 3 PRONG 30/CS 10 R5C4479C AUTOMATED PD SET W/CASSETTE 4 PRONG 30/CS 300 5C5479 AMIA AUTOMATED PD SET W/CASSETTE 30/CS 200 R5C4522 HOMECHOICE PRO CARD 6/CS 20 RENEOC EXPEDITED ORDER FEE - 4 DAY LEAD TIME EACH Â RENEOC EXPEDITED ORDER FEE - 3 DAY LEAD TIME EACH Â RENEOC EXPEDITED ORDER FEE - 2 DAY LEAD TIME EACH Â RENEOC EXPEDITED ORDER FEE - 1 DAY LEAD TIME EACH Â RENEOC EXPEDITED ORDER FEE - SAME DAY EACH Â RENRED RE-DELIVERY FEE EACH Â RENACH AFTER HOURS EACH 5 RENHPRTN PRODUCT RETURN CHARGE EACH Â RENOFF OFF SCHEDULED ORDER FEE EACH 10 RENFAX FAXED PRESCRIPTION FEE EACH Â RENVERBAL PHARMACIST PRESCRIPTION FEE EACH Â RENSERVICE14 14 DAY ORDER CYCLE FEE EACH Â VALKITCL VALUE KIT CAPD HOME PATIENT USE ONLY EACH Â VALKITAL VALUE KIT CCPD HOME PATIENT USE ONLY EACH Â


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