Type: Forecast


PRIORITY CNIC 1 MAXIMO 5 1.Rust at the bases of rigid frame columns. These columns are constructed of two structural steel channels each. 2.Paint peeling and grout spalling at base of walls/top of foundation wall. 3.Rusting of personnel doors and frames. 4.Steel plate adjacent to hanger door rails. Original coating/paint is gone and plate is rusting. 5.Hanger door rails wearing and possibly settling. 6.Personnel door in east elevation has a large hole rusted through the frame. 7.Rubber isolators (or bushings) in anchor bolt assemblies are deteriorating and becoming hard and crumbling. 8.Winch baseplate and lower chassis has peeling paint and is rusting. 9.Compressed air system piping has peeling paint and is rusting. 10.Exterior slab has settled around the office area of the building and has broken the sealant. 11.Large valve for oil water separator is broken. This is underground in a vault under a manhole cover. 12.Exterior store room/mechanical room door is rusted through (adjacent to main entry door). 13.Door sweeps on exterior doors are worn out and not working. 14.All exterior doors and frames need either complete renovation or replacement. 15.Exterior piping for sprinkler system (FDC) has peeling paint and oxidation. 16.Exterior compressed air tanks are oxidizing and have peeling paint. 17.The base of the hangar walls at the southwest corner shows evidence of more water getting into the building than other areas, and is rusting more severely. 18.Cracks in the concrete walls of the exhaust stack are very evident as are the concrete joints. More severe cracks are in the concrete walls at foundation level adjacent to the retaining walls on two sides.
Est. Value
Min: $1,000,000
Max: $7,000,000
Est. Award Date
QTR 4 2024 Future Opp
Set Aside
MAC ‐ 8A and RFP ‐ LP
Forecast Type
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic is forecasted to issue a new procurement for **SAES** OC B1116 ‐ REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE TO HUSH HOUSE around QTR 4 2024 worth up to $7,000,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Source Level 2 Agency

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Date Published
Source Est. Solicitation Date
QTR 4 2023
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MAC ‐ 8A and RFP ‐ LP