(AE DBB)(21215222)(MSR 21205195) Ammunition Wharf Structural Repairs (Phase Two of 1‐9) (RM19‐0940)

Type: Forecast


Project repairs deteriorated structural components and associated hardware that are integral to Ammunition Wharf (Facility 832). The project includes removing the existing concrete pilings, installing replacement piles with cathodic protection and constructing pile caps over the tops of the replacement piles. Existing deck and wall sections will be removed for crane access and then replaced. The project also repairs other primary structural components and hardware such as beams, bracing, channels, chock systems, fender systems, framing, girders, platform spans, under decking, utility enclosures, and wales. This is a 9 phased project which NAVFACNW Structural engineers in correlation with semi annual pier inspections will determine priority scoping requirements for each of the nine phases. SAR is already developed and is valid until JUN 2029 EA is being developed under SR#17835004 & ePRJ# 1647994 There is a current 1391 but no SR# or ePRJ# to attach it to.
Est. Value
Min: $1,000,000
Max: $7,000,000
Est. Award Date
QTR 2 2025 Future Opp
Set Aside
Not Available
Forecast Type
NAVFAC Northwest is forecasted to issue a new procurement for (AE DBB)(21215222)(MSR 21205195) Ammunition Wharf Structural Repairs (Phase Two of 1‐9) (RM19‐0940) around QTR 2 2025 worth up to $7,000,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Source Level 2 Agency


Point of Contact
Schreiber, Jenell A   Profile
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Date Published
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QTR 2 2025
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