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Repurpose and redesignate four existing (725 KW each) SPIDERS generators at Camp Smith Station R73 to supplement Bldg 700 USINDOPACOM's two existing (1 MW each) generators located in Bldg 701. SPIDERS generators will remain at their current location. Transfer the four SPIDERS generator assets to USINDOPACOM. Install new 11.5KV switchgear and cabling. Existing USINDOPACOM generators remain as is and will be the primary backup generators, no change to existing startup sequence/scheme. SPIDERS will be secondary backup generators with manual start, no additional controls that would require cybersecurity now. Generator ATO method will be discussed and decided as future DDC conversion approaches from existing Trane to installation of standard Automated Logic (ALC) system. Description of the proposed work: The 4 exst SPIDERS generators and supporting assets will remain except for the exst SPIDERS Switch S73. Exst Switch S73 is a manual switch that will be replaced with a new automated switch (via contract). New conductors shall be run from the new switch to a nearby manhole using exst ducts to intercept either Feeder D or R1 to feed USINDOPACOM B700 (via shops). A new controller for the generators will also be installed, programmed, tested and commissioned (via contract). Here is a description of how the work will be executed: Our UM High Voltage Electricians would provide and run the primary electrical conductors and perform the splicing. This step can be done concurrently with the Contractor's work but would have to be completed prior to the testing and commissioning phase. Contractor would remove exst manual switch S73, provide and install new automated switch, provide and install the new controller and test and commission the system prior to government acceptance. Would like a J&A to obtain services fr ... NOTE: description has been truncated, please see Project Note for full description.
Est. Value
Min: $1,000,000
Max: $7,000,000
Est. Award Date
QTR 3 2025 Future Opp
Set Aside
Not Available
Forecast Type
NAVFAC Hawaii is forecasted to issue a new procurement for 700/701 ‐ SUPPLEMENT USINDOPACOM GENERATORS WITH SPIDERS GENERATORS around QTR 3 2025 worth up to $7,000,000.


Source Level 1 Agency
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Source Level 2 Agency


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Fujimoto, Kimberlee L   Profile
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QTR 3 2024
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